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For your convenience,we accept your major credit card as payment for mowing.  This saves the hassle of checks and stamps.  Your information is securely stored and your card is charged the day after your service has been completed, and a receipt is emailed to you.  If your card is ever declined, we will try again before your next scheduled service, or after six days for bi-weekly customers, if at that time it is declined again, we will contact you to get a new card set up so that you won't be removed from the schedule.  For landscaping, or sprinkler installation, we require a 50% deposit, with the remainder due at completion.  Your personal check, or cash is acceptable for payment.

Mow Pro offers several options to serve our customers. Our most popular service is weekly service which includes mulch mowing, trimming, and edging you lawn professionally with commercial equipment. We also offer bi-weekly service for an additional $8 charge, but weekly service will give you the best looking results. Mow Pro primarily only mows residential properties, allowing us to focus on the high expectations of our customers. All service plans require a (4) trip minimum and continue from season to season, until the service is cancelled. Our services start in March and continue through October, we are available for extended service to keep your fescue mowed, or the leaves picked up. We price lawns from the lot square footage starting at $28 for weekly service for lots up to 6999 square feet; to keep it simple, we do not take into account any structures, just the unimproved lot size.