Frequently asked questions

What about landscaping?   Let us design and install the landscape you have always wanted.  

What do I do with my dog?  Once you get on the schedule, we typically mow your property the same day each week, so we ask that on that day, please leave your pet indoors.

I have a pool, will any grass get in it?  We make every effort possible to not intentionally direct grass into your pool, despite all our best efforts, it is a possibility that some grass may blow into it.

Will you call before you mow?  No. We follow the same schedule week to week, as new customers are added it may change some, but under no circumstances, can our crews contact ahead of arrival.

It is raining, will you still mow? Most likely, yes.  Unless it is a complete wash out, we continue to mow, since we have so many yards, it is nearly impossible to take a day off.  If it does completely rain us out, we work late to make up for the yards missed.

I need to skip a week, how does that work?  We allow our weekly lawn customers to skip twice in a season with no additional up charge.  We know that you wouldn't want your outdoor party interrupted by a lawn crew.  Bi-weekly customers are not allowed any skips.

Can you trim my shrubs and weed the flower beds?  Shrub and flower bed maintenance are not part of your regular service, we do offer bed maintenance for $80 per hour for our current lawn customers, but this is a separate crew and may not happen at the time of your weekly mowing. This includes shrub trimming, and bed weeding, any materials such as mulch or annual plants would be an additional charge.  

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